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Social Media influencers are people who have high quality of active audience, an increasing rate of likes and comments activity, and a good number of followers. But who do you trust to deliver the results you need? 

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The social influencer profile will make the difference on your choice decision. Influencers to consider are: Celebrities, Bloggers and content creators or Industry experts and thought leaders

Social influencers are guiding some consumers in their decision making wether on which brands to use or which choice to make. For a successful organic growth the right influencer need to be paired with the right brand: this is our main strategy when bringing our social influencers together with our clients.


The marketing using SMS is very suitable for this and will meet the companies expectations. 

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Using the right tools at the right moment is a good combination to achieve a successful marketing. This also requires efficiency and innovative tools that either mobilize prospects or convert the tools into customers. For this reason companies today are using all the tools that they believe useful to achieve their objectives.

B2B or B2C orientation, marketing needs or other outgoing or incoming services, the SMS Marketing service offered by wex alam altamayoz is the solution to achieve your objective through the following services: Promotions, new services, celebration, Survey, Quiz, Marketing studies, Quizzes and more…


We are in the digital age and creating a website has become mandatory and vital. This is why WEX Alam Altamayoz offers you the opportunity to have a modern and responsive website.

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With a responsive website, a single site adapts to all screen resolutions and all devices. Our team of passionate professionals will take care of it. To create your website, our approach is to put a strategy in line with your objectives to validate the start of our challenge.  

Google has announced: for better positioning in search pages using a responsive design is the best tool. In addition, the content adapts perfectly and optimally to different types of screens. The site is displayed more intuitively and more suited to tablets and smartphones.Therefore, having a responsive website allows you to be in the next generation of the technology. 


SEO is more than a set of keywords included in a website, it is necessary to validate a meticulous procedure to succeed in its referencing. This is why it is important to be visible.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO is the key to any digital marketing strategy. This is what allows your costumers to find you when they need your services or your products. In natural results (SEO) or sponsored results (SEA), it is important that you find your place in order to promote traffic.

On Google more than 80% of the clicks are captured by the sites that stand out. Sites positioned on the second captures only 9% of the click rate. This is one of the crucial reasons for providing your site techniques in order to succeed in your SEO referencing.A good optimized positioning on all search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing…, is an obligation, its a tool and an advantage to stand out from the competition. 


We will give you the solutions to succeed in social media networks and gain the trust of your community.

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Social media is an important tool of communication for any type of business. Business To Consumer or Business To Business, any company needs social media networks to keep a relationship with its customers. This will help you better understanding and responding to their requests while creating a relationship with their customers. A real community on the social media networks will give the company a chance to gain real social values from its customers.

Building your presence in the social media networks is not an easy task. Hence the reason to adopt a safe strategy and sustainable approach. WEX Alam Altamayoz will build for you an efficient strategy which aims to align your global marketing plan with the editorial line to be adopted in social media.


This communication tool need an effective approach to be make it successful. This is our job. 

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In any digital marketing strategy, the email marketing campaigns remain the key for inbound and for outbound marketing. Emailing is essential. Email campaigns remain a useful way to mobilize targets in relation to third-party databases or simply to retain already engaged clients or existing customers. Email marketing has always been a powerful tool to deliver the information. 

We will implement a set of successful scenarios that help you retain your clients and build customer loyalty. 


The power of media allows you to promote your brand reach listeners using the top music radio apps, radio, TV and by Printing Ads in major UAE newspapers and magazines.

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With radio, you can schedule audio spots and surround them with your message between tunes across identified stations and during times when your target audience is most likely to be listened.

TV spots is still considered to be one of the most important advertising media. it is the ultimate traffic media that has a strong impact on sales, as it generates traffic in stores and on the website with low production cost.

Radio & TV spots is still considered to be one of the most powerful advertising media tools. Options include a classic 5 to 40 seconds spot to advertise your product & services.


The use of this digital marketing tool must be based on a solid and well-developed marketing strategy with a professional production, integration and video editing.

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The Video marketing is an important digital marketing tool that must be included in your inbound marketing strategy. It allows you to advertise your product and services with a powerful way of communication. Today more than 82% internet users prefer watch a video rather than read an article and more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

Video marketing offers faster growth and optimizes your visibility. YouTube as example, remains the second most used search engine by internet users after Google. On the other hand, it will improve your ranking and your visibility in the top search engines which can be very competitive.


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